Walk with me

In a loveship with Cleon Giovanni Choo. 16

You’ll see me everytime you look back

I promise.

Today’s really a great day. (P/s: the defination for great is the laughter the funny moment the sweet talks the good food the only you) It’s a suria day. We watched Homecoming. It’s funny so..really not bad. Before that we had lunch at Sushi KEI. So many schoolmates. Yogurt cheese cake before we left.

Never thought you’d notice and keep so many of them in mind. It’s not that I never thought but I never knew. Really surprised me that moment. I smile. in my heart :) big big big smile.

It’s really an imperfect day, although it’s much great. I feel so wrong. But idk why, the happy time just never stop going round in my head and my heart keep smiling at the same time where I am so sorry.

Happy 20th monthsary love.

Lead me

When things come so fast and change so random you got no idea how to face it. Why is all at the same time??

Freaking depresssss


My boyfriend say he wants he to go shopping with me tomorrow ;) happy.

Just if i can run faster

Cross Country 2011


I thought i had tried my best. But when i think and think again… 

its not. it should till i vomit only that will be the max. isnt? urgh. I’m aint as tired as i should be i’m aint as in pain as i should be.

One mark for blue house. We are leading the way now. Blue has finally broke the curse!! hahahahahaha. Congratulation to Petra the Girls A champ and Darryl.w the Boys C champ. Keep running blue people. this is just the beginning! *WROARRHHHHH* Really much expectation for this sport days. I’m so excited!

Where should i go tomorrow?