Walk with me

In a loveship with Cleon Giovanni Choo. 16

People says that

Don’t make expectation as you won’t get disappointment.

But I’m not afraid to dream high. What I’m afraid is that i don’t even have a dream. I feel so strong and excited chasing after what I want. I want to feel the genuine moment that’s when I’ve reach the sky!

I have all and all my patient and passion for you.

You just don’t know how panic i am!

I am i am i AM.

I’m so worried about my further study. It’s still so confusing and stuffs. exactly nothing is on set. I probably changed my mind again last night, and so this morning. I got more info bout it as i went to my school’s financial office with there’s a lot of news about colleges and uni. My going-down-hill results made me more worry bout everything.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The title is common enough yea?

But too bad. People ‘love’ to judge others through rumors. They can hate people or judge them without even seeing them before and they think they have know him/her since forever. Sounds genius? hah.

You’ll just never get rid of this habits until the day you’ve been threaten as the same. Cause you can never feel how its feel.


To those who got this disease: Get well soon! :)